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Your total Insurance requirement as per your present financial status is approx. Rs. <%=result%>.
Your family should deposit <%=abs(q)%> in recurring income schemes to meet their monthly financial needs
<%if request.form("child")<> "None" then%>and the remaining amount of Rs. <%=abs(p)%> should be invested in cumulative deposit scheme to fulfil the future needs of your children.<%end if%>
<%end if%>

Your Annual recurring Income
Your Present Age ">
Your Monthly Income ">
Are you married
If yes, is your spouse working
If yes, what is his/her monthly income ">
Any other family income (like house rent, pension etc.) ">
Your Annual recurring Income
Your present household expense of 3 months ">
Min. family expenses expected after your death ">
No. of children
Estimated monthly educational expenses on children ">
No. of Dependents (if any) ">
Estimated monthly expenses on dependents ">
Bank Deposit & Balance ">
Debenture Bonds ">
Public Provident Fund ">
Mutual Fund Invest ">
Gratuity (Expected) ">
Housing Loan ">
Vehicle Loan ">
Other long-term loans ">
Other short-term loans ">
Expenses on death ">
Emergency funds ">
Expected Rate of Return on Investments. (The interest rate of 10% taken is based on prevailing bank rate, but you can choose a different interest rate) percent
<%if request.form("child")="None" then%>
<%end if%>
Provision for Children
Child 1 Amount for higher education ">

Amount for marriage            ">
Required after "> years

Required after "> years
Child 2 Amount for higher education ">

Amount for
Required after "> years

Required after"> years
Child 3 Amount for
higher education

Amount for marriage            ">
Required after "> years

Required after"> years
Child 4 Amount for higher education ">

Amount for marriage            ">
Required after "> years

Required after"> years